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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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an attorney says the marriage is broken and that the former first lady had a crush on the man who gave the couple gifts and cash. we are live outside the courtroom at this day's dramatic development. a stolen car and a wild ride. what one man did right before crashing into a local mcdonald's restaurant. getting the sun kissed glow could be more risky than before. the push behind a cancer warning to stop tanning. scrambling for their lives, how these women got run over by a train and survived. news 4 at 4:00 starts now. good afternoon everyone i meant doreen gentzler in for jim handly. >> the short list is out where thousands of jobs and billions of development dollars could end up with the relocation of the fbi headquarters. christen wright has details.
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>> the news 4 i-team learned two sites in maryland and one in virginia are considered to host the fbi. both maryland sites are in prince george's county. one option would be to build on a piece of property that belongs to the green belt metro station. the other allows the fbi to take over the old landover mall. the fbi was looking for being within a couple of miles of the beltway and a metro station plus all offer about 50 acres of land. the headquarters is estimated to bring about $2 billion in economic development and will be home to 11,000 jobs. the d.o.j. will closely study each site and have a public comment period before making a
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decision. at the live desk. for an interactive map of the proposed locations go to now to quite a bombshell at the corruption trial of bob and maureen mcdawnonnecdonnell. defense lawyers say there is no way the former governor and his wife could conspire to get gifts from a businessman because they weren't speaking. julie carey joins us from richmond to explain. >> reporter: it has been a jaw dropping day inside the courtroom. that's because for the first time we are hearing details of the defense plan for the case and it sounds more like it comes out of a soap opera. now, maureen mcdonnell's lawyer dropped the first bombshell when he disclosed the marriage had broken down at the time and were barely on speaking terms. the new details may help explain why the mcdonnell's have been
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coming to court separately these days. they are accused of taking more than $150,000 in gifts, trips and loans from wealthy businessman johnny williams in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement company. today lawyers say there could be no conspiracy because the relationship was so rocky that they were barely speaking. instead they say he lavished gifts to get close to the governor. he says maureen mcdonnell developed a crush on williams and the two had a relationship that some consider inappropriate for two people who are married. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 i will tell yoube pinful words wife said to husband during that time. another development today witnesses are being called and one of the first witnesses, a
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mcdonnell daughter talking about the $15,000 gift johnny williams gave her in order to pay for her wedding reception. i will have more on that coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> thank you. and to keep up with the latest in the case make sure to download our nbc washington app. we will post coverage and send you a breaking news alert when there is big news on the case. residents and commuters will have to deal with the closing of another street while crews continue their work on the 11th street bridge project. l street southeast between 10th and 11th streets will be shut down for about a month and will give crews room to complete the sidewalk and drainage system. you will need to follow detours. the bridge project is expected to be finished next year. you are waiting at line in the drive thru when a big suv
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comes barrelling at you. police say the person behind the wheel had just stolen the suv. megan mcgrath talks to witnesses about how it all unfolded. >> it kind of woke me up this morning. >> reporter: they came looking for a quick breakfast but customers in the mcdonald's drive thru line got more than they bargained for when a stolen suv slammed into the side of the fast food restaurant. >> i heard this big loud noise crashing into the building and looked up and seen like this suv crash into the mcdonald's window. >> reporter: police say it started with a carjacking on annapolis road. as the suspect sped off with the stolen suv he hit a minivan. the driver of that minivan followed the suv t the capital plaza mcdonald's where there was a fender bender with two cars in the drive thru line.
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darren bouser's wife was among those hit. >> very hysterical. i told her to calm down, i'm on my way. i got here -- >> we have a little technical problem with that story. we are sorry. we will try to bring you the rest of it a little later in the newscast. a new cell phone policy at some local schools, why your child may be encouraged to take a smart phone to class. it keeps your coffee hot and your hands cool. >> do you know how expensive it is to break up. we will break down the cost of a breakup. it has been incredible outside, incredibly cool barr barrelling on the cusp of calling it a warm one today. we will see higher temperatures and the other thing we will start feeling around here is humidity. we will show you when
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. say so long to foam containers for your coffee and takeout food. mayor vincent gray signed a bill banning d.c. restaurants from using styrofoam packages. it is part of a cleanup bill approved by the council meaning food trucks will have to use recycleable containers only. we caught up with a fisherman. >> you think that is a good idea? >> i really do. i really do. you know, so hopefully we won't see styrofoam coming down the river anymore. >> the ban takes effect in 2016. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 mark segraves talks to one restaurant
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owner who is less enthusiastic about the change. we want to know what you think about this. should the district have banned the styrofoam containers? that is our nbc washington flash survey of the day. you can vote by texting or calling us 202-601-3444. >> here are the results so far. about 67% of folks say yes, ban those plastic foam containers. it is a good move. e-cigarettes will be banned at prince george's community college. the ban applies to all electronic devices for smoking as well as all tobacco products. smoking won't be allowed anywhere on the largo campus. the ban goes into effect september 15. e-cigarettes grew in popularity as bans on traditional tobacco products became more wide spread. it is now okay to let your children bring a cell phone to
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school in prince george's county. the school system is changing its policy. students will be allowed to use phones during certain designated times and will be allowed to use tablets and e-readers. kids had to keep cell phones turned off and in a locker. why some mcdonald's restaurants are adding a new ingredient to chicken mcnuggets. still dying for a killer tan, changes you need to stay safe in the summer sun. and some familiar faces make the list of the 50
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. a plea this afternoon from the acting surgeon general, stop tanning to save your skin. >> says it is a major public health problem that requires immediate action. >> in "news 4 your health" erica edwards explains why. >> reporter: at 34 years old stacy escalante was at the top of her game. the busy mother of two was even training for a marathon. >> i looked fine. i had no indication that i was sick. and i just had that spot on my back. it was a little itchy but other than that it wasn't a problem.
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>> reporter: it was a problem. stage three melanoma. it spread to her lymph nodes. acting attorney general issued a call to action. >> skin cancer rates are increasing in this country. >> reporter: 63,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma each year and of those 9,000 die. experts say uv radiation from sun light and tanning beds is the biggest cause. doctors say consumers need to be vigilant about using a broad spectrum sun screen and reapply it every few hours. and supports legislation banning teenagers from visiting tanning salons. >> there are ten states who have put in legislation that bans th use of indoor tanning facilities for those under the age of 18. we certainly support those measures to be able to protect the youth. >> reporter: in a statement the indoor tanning association disputes what many experts say stating there is no consensus among researchers regarding the
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relationship between melanoma skin cancer and uv exposure either from the sun or a sun bed. nine years later stacy is cancer free but deeply scarred. >> if people could see the hole in my back, the crater from the skin cancer and everything that i went through they would learn from what i have gone through. >> reporter: her other message, see a doctor at the first sign of a problem. >> notes the number of cases of melanoma is rising at the same time cases of other skin cancer are going down. the weather turned really cool are we looking at an early fall arrival? >> a repeat. some folks when they hear the numbers down to the 50s and low 60s go okay. but it is another thing entirely when you step out the door and feel it. that is exactly the case this morning. some folks went the short pants really not cutting it this morning, not when you take the dog out at 6:00 a.m. it does not work.
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you might need a jacket and longer pants tomorrow morning because we are headed back down. we really didn't get that high today. 69 degrees to our north and west of hagerstown, maryland. 76 here in d.c. greenville at 74 deees. very, very cool even for our neighbors down south. roanoke at 77. virginia beach at 79 degrees. this time of year we are typically into the 90s but not today. we have this cool pattern that is with us along with the cloud cover across the area. these clouds all the way south down through areas of western virginia not producing any rain at all right now. let me take you through the next couple of hours from 76 to 72 by 9:00. by late evening it is going to be cool including cooler by tomorrow morning. look at the numbers. 52 degrees frederick. 62 degrees in d.c. 58 degrees in fredericksburg. throughout the area this is very light wind tomorrow morning.
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feeling like a fall morning. coolest areas to the north and west dropping to the low 50s. we will take you county by county throughout the area and show you just how low the temperatures are going to go by tomorrow morning. as far as cloud cover very little cloud cover for tomorrow, less than today. your clouds in the mountains maybe a sprinkle in the highest of regions. looking at thursday very closely because off to the west there may be a few more showers coming into the mountains. right now on our planner we have thursday pegged as dry. and a lot of sunshine for tomorrow from manassas 83 the high, 84 in d.c. 81 degrees through montgomery county around gaithersburg. 81 in annapolis. we are typically into the 90s. this has been one summer with our fewest 90 degree days than any summer in the last years. 87 degrees on thursday. 86 on friday.
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it is at the end of the week when we are going to start to feel the humidity start to make a comeback. it will be with us this weekend. your saturday pegged with a 30% chance of shower s and storms. we will take an extended look at the forecast right through the weekend and what to expect for thunderstorms, what time they are going to hit. today britain's prince harry tagged along with the duke and duchess of cambridge. harry and his brother, prince william, spent some of the day at a gym watching athletes train and taking part of drills. harry's boxing with his brother. athletes that belong to the commonwealth of nations compete every four years and this is day six of the 11-day competition. in just a couple of hours one of the most popular sports teams in the world will be playing here in our area, manchester united will be at fed ex field at 7:00 tonight.
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the soccer team has 8 million followers just here in the u.s. it is the first time they have been to this country in three years. the team is set to play inter milan. this could mean slower traffic along the maryland side of the beltway. during the world cup there were more viewers than new york city. because of the stir every summer it seems the hill's 50 most beautiful people are out. here are some of the names and faces that jumped out to us. nbc white house correspondent christy welker make the list. maryland's democratic representative, donna edwards. you can find the full list on our website, do you like and drink coconut water? it is going to get more expensive. we will tell you why. one mistake is all it takes. top things to do on a date to turn people off.
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an infestation of rats at
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. beginning tomorrow mcdonald's fast food restaurants in japan will be serving up tofumcnuggets. the company stopped buying all
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chicken products from china because of a supplier accused of using expired meat in the products. "wall street journal" reports the new nuggets will be served with -- >> turns out one website was playing games with people's hearts. popular dating site okcupid admitted it experimented on users. results show if the site suggested a high compatibility rate. people questioned the methods of such an invasive experiment. we are figuring out the cost of breaking up. >> and coming first, date mistakes. talk 95 is back with a new survey that talked about things you wouldn't do on a first date if you want a second. >> some of this stuff is so
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shocking it would be done as a study. i want to roll past these. if you are on a first date with someone how would you feel if they ordered your food? who does that on a first date? noisy eating was number two. posting on social media was three. four is texting other people including your exs and taking photos of your food round out the top five. making a phone call on a date, your restaurant choice and about cost. ordering seafood or your breath with onions or garlic. >> four or five out of ten are related to having your cell phone on the table on a date. >> take it and put it face down. >> pay attention on your fit date. >> exactly. >> also, we are looking at the cost and how much it costs to break up if it doesn't work out. >> i think someone needs to do this in d.c.
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if you are in a long term relationship and it ends, how much did it cost you to actually break up. one woman did after a five year relationship $2,094.54. some of it comes from buying new toiletry. the u haul was $104.98 and $300 on social outings to forget the loser. >> you did another survey about bodies in summer in the music industry. >> this is the i heart radio. they actually asked our listeners who had the best summer body. we wanted to share this because we thought this was fantastic. the list of the top eight is out. you know beyonce is in there at number one, j-lo, usher, gwen
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stefani. >> we managed to show video of one hot body. >> and you got hot tickets to give away tomorrow. >> the i heart radio music festival happening in vegas. we want to fly you to vegas to be a part of this thing. the lineup is incredible with taylor swift, usher and more. >> a lot of folks can't wait. >> good to see you both. it has happened again. a small plane makes an emergency landing in the sand in florida. plus fears of ebola are
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at 4:30 fears over the ebola outbreak as the deadly virus spreads across south africa. a little girl loses her life days after a plane crashes on a beach killing her father. frightening moments at sea for 163 passengers stranded in a whale watching boat off boston. >> another emergency landing on a florida beach. a single engine cessna landed around 12:30 this afternoon. the 26-year-old pilot says the plane suffered a mechanical failure. the incident comes two days after a deadly crash landing on a beach in venice, florida. now the pilot of that plane is speaking out just as we learned that the youngest victim died of her injuries. 9-year-old oceania izuari was on
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the beach when the plane crashed. her father died after the crash on sunday. she died monday. minutes before the crash the pilot sent a distress call to a nearby airport and said he would have to make an emergency landing. he and his passenger wereot injured. moments ago his wife and daughter stood next to the pastor as he delivered a statement written by the pilot. >> i send me heart felt apologies to the family for my role in this tragic accident. i spotted an area on the shore on which i did not see anyone and landed the plane. it was only after i landed and we exited the plane that i realized that there were people on the beach. i never sawthem. >> the pilot is 57-year-old carl kokomor and says his engine died and was rapidly losing altitude. one passenger says it was his
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family's first and last whale watch. dozens of people were forced to spend a choppy night at sea. today we learned passengers will get a refund, a gift card and $500 cash for their trouble. reporter jay gray has more on the effort to get them back to boston harbor. >> reporter: after more than 14 hours stranded at sea -- >> it has been a tough night, 157 passengers and six crew members finally made it back to shore this morning. >> it was what we thought was going to be a four-hour whale watching tour that turned into 14 plus hours, 14 or 15 hours. >> the problem started as the tour was headed. >> it went down the whole ship. >> reporter: grabbed it and held
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it 15 miles from the coast. >> they tried to bring another ship out and have us cross load but there was too much. >> reporter: divers were called in but when they couldn't free the vessel three coast guards were called in to provide security while passengers were given food, water and blankets as the 83-foot boat became a make shift camp site. >> it was a very unpleasant stay. >> one that wouldn't end until early this morning when a second team of divers with heavy hydraulic equipment finally freed the tour boat for the welcome trip home. jay gray, nbc news. a virginia man charged with killing his wife is now out of jail. k.ndy rieger has details at the >> castillo posted bond this afternoon. he has been behind bars since april 1 when he was arrested and
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charged in the death of his wife, michelle. prosecutors say the couple was in the midst of a bitter divorce and they say that castillo killed her and made her death look like a suicide. earlier this month lawyers asked that castillo's bond be revoked because of new dna evidence that they say linked him directly to the crime scene. he was unable to post bond to this point because most of the assets were frozen at the request of his oldest son. he is scheduled to have another bond hearing tomorrow. i'm wendy rieger, back to you. there are late developments in the deadly ebola virus outbreak in west africa. a doctor who risked his own life to treat dozens of ebola two american aid y. workers continue to battle the virus. nancy riebold is in quarantine.
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>> somebody had to do it and he is the kind of guy that says somebody needs to do it and i have the skills to do it i'm going to do it. >> dr. brantly's colleagues say he is in stable condition but continues to be in grave danger. the west african airline that transported a passenger who was sick with ebola last week says it is suspending flights to the two cities hardest hit by the disease. this latest outbreak of ebola is the largest on record with more than 1,200 cases. the virus has killed nearly 60% of the people who have contracted it. ebola is mostly found in tropical and central africa. it is spread through bodily fluid. coconut water and other coconut products are expected to
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get more expensive. the islands have been blasted by typhoons over the past year. more than a tenth of the coconut tree population is damaged or destroyed. demand for coconut products is growing. coconut water is popular because it provides carbohydrates and electrolytes. the philippines provide more than half of the world's supply of coconut water. two things that don't go together, vermin and the mona lisa. there are rats plaguing the louver museum in paris. maintenance workers are aware of the problem and say they conduct regular exterminations and put out rat traps. they say the rats are attracted by food of visitors who picnic in the garden. concerns over safety in the skies. why southwest airlines faces a $12 million fine. a loving dad creates a more
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efficient way to have a water balloon fight. and how you can get your hands on this, a diamond encrusted iphone 6. and the feel of fall, cooler and drier in the next couple of days. it is going to slip away. look for the return of humidity, high humidity starting this weekend. i'll show you that as well as the temperatures we're predicting, also, for
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the embattled department of veterans affairs has a new leader. rieger has more. >> it is robert mcdonald confirmed as the new v.a. secretary. he was unanimously approved. he has the mission of overhauling an agency weighed down by long wait times for patients and a culture of covering up failures. he has pledged to improve access to health care for patients and promised to restore transparency at that agency. congress is working to approve a $17 billion overhaul of the v.a. and that vote could take place this week. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger back to you. southwest airlines may have to pay a fine. the federal aviation administration wants to fine the airline $12 million for allegedly flying planes without making proper repairs. the fine covers three separate cases where faa says operated
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planes not in compliance. southwest as 30 days to respond to government allegations. how would you like to get your hands on a diamond encrusted iphone 6. preorders launched today at a company called brick. if diamonds aren't your thing there are 24 karat gold, pink gold and pure platinum versions. prices run between $4,500 and $9,000. the phones ship about a month after apple releases the iphone 6. here is a way to take the next water balloon fight to the next level. it is a device called bunch 0 balloons. it ties and fills 100 balloons at the same time saying it can fill 100 balloons in one minute. right now the idea is on a website called kick starter and looking for funding. more than $650,000 have been
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donated to the cause from water balloon fight lovers but the device won't be available until late this year. and if you have a story idea for the consumer watch send us an e-mail, you can call us 202-885-4884. a new trend in bars popping up across the nation, iv drips in the arm. why you ask? we will take you inside to check out this unusual happy hour. how these two women got run over by a train and surviv
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. you're watching news 4 at 4:00. take a look at this chilling video. the engineer of a train thought he was about to kill two women. they were walking on a railroad bridge in indiana. as the train approached they had nowhere to go so they laid down between the tracks and the train rolled right over them. the only injury, one of them stubbed their toe. the two have been charged with trespassing. railroad officials say there are no walk ways s on the bridge because nobody is supposed to be up there. basketball legend charles barkley is taking steps to help the city heal after a horrible accident and offered to pay for
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the funerals of the three children run down by alleged carjackers. the siblings were killed when a suv rolled into them. two men have been charged in the case. a connecticut teacher who helped save lives during the sandy hook elementary school disaster has a book deal. she hurried 15 first graders into a bathroom when she heard gun fire on december 14, 2012. all of their lives were saved. the gunman eventually killed himself after killing his mother and 16 others. no more credit cards and no more fancy meals on the taxpayers' dime. montgomery county school board members are promising big changes. they voted unanimously on new spending rules last night. scott macfarlane has been
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investigating the controversy in montgomery county for months now. he has ts update. >> i am very sensitive to the toll all of this has taken on the institution and on my colleagues and for that i am truly sorry. >> reporter: says a board member who used his card, taxpayer money, for dozens of meals at restaurants near district headquarters and hotel and room service at washington hilton, a 30-minute metro ride. and a meal that included lobster sale, surf and turf and sea bass. the board promised reform and tonight voted unanimously to immediately cut up cards and cut back on travel expenses, too. we tracked down the board president after the vote. how did we get to the point where the board had to cut up its own credit cards? >> we got to the point where we decided we di't need credit
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cards. we decided the best thing to go ahead with is not have credit cards for the board. >> reporter: some parents told us part-time board members should have known not to wine and dine. >> there should be money in the budget for school supplies first for what the teachers need in the classroom and the parties and lunches come later. >> reporter: scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> state ethics and corruption investigators are looking into the school board's credit card expenses. they have subpoenas receipts but won't comment about the probe yet. you can see all of the expenses the i team found. search every receipt, click on investigations. we can all pretend like we are in summer vacation near canada rith now. >> i like the fact that it has been pretty cool in the morning and a chance to just cut theac off all together. you really don't need it much.
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as far as what is going on this afternoon you can take a look around the area, the sky filled with a few puffy clouds but not producing any rain. impact forecast for tomorrow a mild afternoon again so temperatures pushing up to around 80 degrees and a little higher but really feeling a lot like early september. so impact for tomorrow really none except for the fact that you are probably going to need the jacket first thing tomorrow morning stepping out the door around 6:00 a.m. to take the dog out. 62 right there in d.c. 78 degrees by noon time. sunny sky to mostly sunny sky coming our way tomorrow afternoon. we will not see wind. it is going to feel warm by the afternoon as highs get on the other side of 80 degrees tomorrow. it really is the morning temperatures that are like wow. what gets most of your attention 58, 61 alexandria. 57 degrees in bethesda. unseasonably cool for this time
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of year by a couple of degrees. typically we are starting out in the 60s and getting into the 90s. 52 in frederick. 53 degrees in hagerstown and 52 in martinsburg. right on down southwest culpeper at 58. fredericksburg at 58. so throughout the area in the 50s for tomorrow morning going to a high temperature of 84 degrees. 87 degrees on thursday. 86 on friday. folks, again, the high 88 degrees. there is really no day until next week where you start to see temperatures getting at least back to average, not too hot but humid. a few thunderstorms our way this weekend. cool temperatures tomorrow for your out of the door forecast be sure to tune in early tomorrow morning. >> looks good. thanks. >> it was recently ranked the best supermaret in the country. now wegmans is planning to open
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more stores in virginia and maryland. the new one will be on telegraph road. in march consumer reports ranked wegmans ahead of every other big grocery chain in the country for service, cleanliness and price. how do you solve problems like fatigue, jet lag and a hangover? >> if you have a few hundred bucks to spare and aren't afraid of needles a new type of wet bar may do the trick. >> they are popping up in cities all over the nation. >> reporter: in south tampa there is a new bar in town only instead of a glass the cocktails of vitamins come in an iv with names like hair of the dog, chicken soup and the fountain of youth. rough night remedies for hangovers and so much more. how has the procedure been? >> painless. other than the poke from the first needle very relaxing.
4:52 pm
>> reporter: treatments last about a half hour and cost between $115 to $159. dr. smith is an anesthesiologist who opened the bar this month. >> the concept is based on a modern wellness spa that allows people to get treatment for not just hangovers beutother acute illness. >> reporter: everything from food poisoning to jet lag and fatigue called hydration therapy and gaining steam across the country. in vegas hangover heaven claims to have treated more than 20,000 customers on its bus since opening two years ago. >> iv doctor provides iv fluids. >> in new york the iv doc makes house calls. >> 50% come in for hangover relief. >> reporter: critics say iv clinics are a gimmick. >> i can't understand why somebody would pay money to be stuck with a needle for a
4:53 pm
therapy no better than eating chicken soup and tylenol at home. >> reporter: pointed out the treatments are administered by paramedics from local fire departments who work here part time. would you recommend this to a friend? >> so far absolutely. >> reporter: after a few days of feeling run down he says he notices the energy boost immediately. you think this might give you an edge playing basketball with your friends? >> i hope so. i need a little bit of help probably. >> reporter: a different type of cocktail mixed with vitamins, high hopes and maybe wishful thinking. >> risks also include infection or irritation of the vein. a family barbecue overheats. a pregnant woman says police officers put her in a choke hold and is
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> this cell phone video launched a controversy involving the use of police force. now nine days after this man's death a pregnant woman says an nypd officer put her in a choke hold, too. the woman says it happened when she was having a family barbecue. as andrew sif reports there is growing tension growing. >> right now i'm in pain. >> reporter: rozan miller is a mother of three expecting her
4:57 pm
fourth child in september. she says this cell phone video shows what happened on saturday as police confronted her and her husband about a sidewalk barbecue. she says when cops questioned her and tried to arrest her this officer put her in a chokehold. >> i know they are here to protect us. >> reporter: it all unfolded with her 7-year-old daughter watching. miller's husband said he stepped in to protect his wife and cops arrested him, one allegedly yelling a racial epitath. this new alleged chokehold happened nine days after the death of garner. that is the main reason the mayor got briefed. >> we made clear what our view is on the use of choke holds and is not acceptable. anytime we talk about incident i
4:58 pm
will say until we have the facts and until the investigation it is not appropriate to pass judgment. >> nobody on the block complained about loud music, barbecuing at all. >> reporter: former city councilman says he has already seen enough here and on staten island. he calls commissioner bratten's pledge to review training protocols for the nypd inadequate. >> he can take his training and shove it. right now at 5:00, a crumbling marriage for virginia's former first couple. it may help them beat corruption charges. and then there were three. the fbi headquarters is moving to the burbs and it is going to mean big bucks for one community. and another dramatic shift on who can carry guns in the district. first at 5:00, a surprise strategy for former virginia
4:59 pm
govern governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. >> lawyers for the former first lady of the commonwealth says the marriage broke down and she had a crush on former ceo of star scientific who lavished her with gifts. >> the former governor said his work as governor took a toll on the family. >> and that the broken marriage made it impossible for them to conspire. julie carey anchoring coverage of the corruption trial live from richmond. >> reporter: when bob and maure maureen mcdonnell were arrested we had seen them walking hand in hand. they stood apart at the defense table and today we found out why. >> we are looking forward to being able to present our
5:00 pm
defense. >> reporter: former governor bob mcdonnell's words as opening statements got underway. we learned that defense involved dropping a bombshell. it came first from maureen mcdonnell's lawyer who said there couldn't be a conspiracy because they were hardly talking in 2011 and '12. said burke at the time of the conspiracy the marriage had broken down. the couple is charged with taking more than $150,000 in gifts and loans from johnny williams in exchange for promoting a new dietary supplement and the attorney says the marriage was a wreck but developed feelings for johnny williams as he took her on clothes shopping trips and lavished her with attention. you will hear she had a crush on him. burke said witnesses will testify that williams was her favorite playmate.


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